Fall 2018

Top: Dr. Ryan Ashley, Stacia (Prosser) MacIntosh, Marlie Maestes, Ben Boren

Bottom: Cheyenne Runyan (with Kinsley), Elisa Trigo, Clara Maxam, Jordyn Dobson, Gail Silver


Fall 2016 Lab Group (From L to R): Megan, Nubia, Ben, Kaitlyn, Stacia, Cheyenne, Gail, and Ryan



Spinning samples


Cheyenne, sonicating samples


Nubia, making a solution.


Halloween, 2015! From L to R:

Nicole, Yasmin, Alejandra, Grace, Ryan (Dr. Ashley), Cheyenne, Stacia, and Kelsey.


Alejandra and Grace dressed up as one another.


Yasmin (sheep) and Nicole prove working in the Ashley lab is “shearly” amazing!



Kelsey (left), winning an award for her presentation











Halloween 2014


Feeding the World


Graduation 2013

Graduation 2013


Ashley's Angels

“Team Ashley” May 2013


Paint and Coveralls

Painting… can ewe guess what?


Real time with Jen

Real-time with Jen


Cell Culture with Amelia

Cell culture with Amelia


Measuring with Nicole

Nicole, measuring carefully


Kelsey Analyzing

Kelsey analyzing her samples


Loading a Gel

Loading a gel


Examining cells with Stephanie

Stephanie examining her cells


Cell culture

Cell culture


Cell culture media with Monica

Monica making cell culture media


Kelsey running a plate

Kelsey running a plate



Laboratory Images

Ovine Reproductive Tract

Ovine Reproductive Tract


DNA Fibers

DNA fibers


Intermediary Filament Stain

An intermediary filament stain and nuclear stain


Intracellular Calcium Dye

Intracellular Calcium Dye