Current Lab Members

Cheyenne Robinson, Ph.D. student

Stacia Prosser, Ph.D. student

Gail Silver, Research associate

Megan McNally, M.A. student

Ben Boren, undergraduate student

Clara Maxam, undergraduate student


From L to R: Megan, Nubia, Ben, Kaitlyn, Stacia, Cheyenne, Gail, and Ryan


Former/Graduated Lab Members and Where They Are Now

Nubia Bermudez, HHMI student, nursing student at NMSU

Kelsey Quinn, Ph.D., Postdoc at UNC

Nicole Sanchez, B.S., former LEADERS, undergraduate student

Kaitlyn Wee, undergraduate student, pursing B.S. at NMSU, en route to Washington State for vet school

Alejandra Lerma, B.S., former HHMI, undergraduate student

Adriana Alire, B.S. former MARC, undergraduate student, Washington State Vet School

Yasmin Anchondo, former LEADERS, undergraduate student, UNM undergraduate

Stacia Prosser, M.S. student, Ph.D. program at NMSU

Monica Salazar, B.S., M.S., Cornell University Vet School

Hannah Swarthout, Adjunct faculty, NMSU

Stephanie Newell, B.S., Las Cruces, NM

Kasey DeAtley, Ph.D., Chico State University/University of California at Davis

Jennifer Lindsay, B.S., HHMI, Ranchlands, Colorado Springs

Amelia Clayshulte, B.S., HHMI, Mississippi State

Kacie Boden, B.S., RISE, Colorado State University

Necroscopy Group Picture